You Can Have The Cake & Eat It Too

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Can Have The Cake & Eat It Too id=

Stop what you're doing for a while. Realize something. Time does not wait for your emotions to go this way or that way. It's oblivious to your joy, your pain. Watch your breathing as you take the air in and then out it goes, again. Does your inspiration seem shallow?

Smile, and tickle yourself with a hilarious thought. You know all you've got are thoughts having a party in that space between your ears. The world does not hesitate its obsessive spin, it does not wait for you to get it all together. It goes on, with or without your opinions.

Don't take it the wrong way, you're not just a speck of dust, a necrotic cell in this vast existence. Believe there's something in you, that lives with free abandon, such a powerful energy. Though it sounds corny, I feel it may do you well to sit with that thought for a bit.

Thoughts - bundled up, scrambled, tangled mass of unseen energies - keep you awake, don't they? Why do you entertain them, when all of the world is served on a gold platter for the taking? Perhaps, there's something habitually ritualistic in observing and letting thoughts play their game.

They come and go so swiftly, or if not, something else in your outer world distracts you. An aroma of a delicious meal being cooked in the kitchen, a cracking sound that startles the quiet gray sky. And Bam! you're back here. Again. Those thoughts leave you, for a while, until of course, something else catches you back in a trance.

You're some place in your head. A door to the outer physical world shuts. In between the split in a sea of consciousness, worlds overlap, there are green cats, purple unicorns, the moon talks back to its gazer.

Somewhere in there, a point overlaps, our thoughts meet, we meet. And then they go, their separate ways, we part. We are but atoms in this grand subliminal continent, we have met, in countless dreams before.

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