Looking to Rent a Room in Malaysia?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tired of searching for rooms to let, the old conventional way? By that I mean, going out, driving your car (or the old rusty bicycle!) circling the same area multiple times, going through bad traffic and filtering through countless houses, bugging the home owners (who are not usually too keen, to show you around) until your spirit is dragged down that you wish you didn't have to really bother in the first place. OK, exaggeration (maybe not).

Take a breather, now would you! I just would like to share with you a much more doable and way fun approach to room-hunting, through a simple click of the mouse button. Finding for a room to let is extra easy through CariBilik, if that is, you're planning to get a room here, in Malaysia!

CariBilik, is Malaysia's leading web site for peeps who are looking for a room for rent / room to let. It is packed with rent postings of well over 30,000 rooms scattered all across the country.

Its minimalist design with very little advert-on-the-side-in-between, is a big plus for users (like me) who don't have the tolerance for silly distracting flashy popping things.

At home or a work, or at the coffee shop, you can submit postings (after less than a minute free-registration) to find for a room in the desired area, or go straight ahead and browse for available rooms posted by others, by typing the keywords in the search box (with or without registration).

Easy isn't it? Give it a try and feel your blood pressure dropping.

"Efficiency is intelligent laziness" - David Dunham
"Every exit is an entrance somewhere else" - Tom Stoppard

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