Your World Blooms With You

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"The ideas that we have about self are an aggregate within a state of mind, and they chain us to a state of mind." -Fredrick Lenz

Roads, empty roads that lead to nowhere and everywhere. Pathways to many branches of limitless ethereal dreams you might make real. Smiles, happy smiles, cheerful eyes, your voice carry the echo of a story, an old reverie, a present reality, the old demon that seize you, freeze you, a hope of a new destiny.

The crossroad where you are, where the traffic is heavy, is as cruel as the passing thoughts that fly by in a tangle mess of your mind. The error - a potentially-fatal flaw - that lies in your thinking has brought you to a state - blur and unreal - lost in the certainty of wandering ghoul-like thoughts.

I can't make your choices for you. Nobody holds the key. You know that, perhaps. Maybe. Your actions - dry, vague and fickle - are rootless. I am with you, but the companion of the all-consuming mother-spirit of the dark, dead, indifferent despair competes with me, beats me when you let her in time and again.

Nobody can make what you have been selectively shielding your eyes from seeing for so long known.

It's not too late, ever, to come around, though,to steer the ship of life right in the direction you want to go. It's not easy. It could take you places. But first, the roll the dice starts in your hand. Your life begins with you.

Put the excuses and pretenses to rest. The world is a reflection of your spirit. You can't objectively see it as it is, with the scuttering ancient thoughts playing around in your head, day in and day out.

We are not perfection, but we subconsciously seek it in the outer world, in the way people should or should not treat us. You can't sleep - the talking clowns spill too much poison into your veins. You can't say what's on your mind - the voice is sucked into a vacuum of what-you-wish-to-say-and-what-you-feel-you-ought-to-say.

You're suspended in time, unwilling to move, moving unwillingly. Someday you will sort this out, your life can be whole again. It can be that today the trial-and-error begins. It can be that you've given up, not caring for, whatever.

"You are on a vast wheel of birth and death. You have been through thousands of lifetimes, thousands yet to come." -Fredrick Lenz

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