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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Old Rambling Nut

Hello everybody, yes I have been away for some's not too bad is it? oh poor thing did you miss my incoherent rambling..oh no you did! Well guess who's here with a random post, it's me.

The post shall highlight some of the things I have been up to or thought about, in key/bullet point form this time, for.. I am liking the point form sort of posting, is all. Paragraphs are over-rated. Tehee.

  • Well, the Israeli-Palestine has surprisingly reignited their fiery toss of war balls, and I for one, do not really care for taking sides on this one, but I seriously do not get it when my country decides to busy itself with problems of other countries, when we can't just sit and deal with our own little insanity. Hint: Make 1Malaysia real. Pffftt.

-->The symptoms are mental, the mind controls the sensation and the subject should merge with the sensation, experience it fully, enjoy it and having enjoyed it, let consciousness flow on to the next phase.

-->Bodily sickness is a sign that the ego is fighting to maintain or regain its hold over an outpouring of feeling, over a dissolution of emotional boundaries.

-->Noise! What an irreverent concept. Is not everything noise; all sensation the divine pattern of wave energy, meaningless only to those who insist on imposing their own meaning?

  • -Next on the list: I have a new pet. He is a kitten called Smurf. Oh he's not blue and nope, no one dyed his fur blue. He is just a white fluff of ball. The story behind his name is that I'd called him using a couple of other names and the only time he meowed back was when I called him Smurf, so the name was for him to keep. The story behind why I had chosen the name in the first place, was that Smurf sounded cute. That's it. He's passed the cat-diarrhoea phase and now has moved to stay outside in the porch with Chirpy, the old granma cat.

**I wish I had a picture of the both of them, but unfortunately the pictures have not been uploaded yet. No worries, I'll do a cat-photo post soon.

**So, how have you lot been? Tell me something interesting? Anything? Oh alright, you can just stare and yawn, that's fine by me.

- Looking hot, aren't you. =P

- Peace and a piece of Apple doughnut your way,
Rambling Nut

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