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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you folks looking to buy used cars? I don’t know about you, but having a car of your own is quite handy, at this age of speedy mobility (..don’t think of traffic jams..). What do Vios, Camry and Estima all have in common? Yep they are all Toyota cars..

One fine evening, while I was chatting with a cute friend, between a sip of a mighty fine drink and a few nibbles of a dry cream cracker; the topic about cars came flying out of nowhere. I realized I was not really listening, as I was busy dreaming of something totally unrelated in my head. She insisted that I – a person who has no car – should buy a car, right at that moment. I said something along the lines that I was sleepy, and would only only think about it after an online date with Mr. Google.

So I did call up Mr. Google for a date and stumbled upon this easy-to-navigate, straight-to-the-point site for cars for sale. Carsifu is Malaysia’s leading Car Classifieds web site that has well over 1,000 cars up for sale from across the country. Of the many brands of cars posted on the site by registered users, you can expect to be looking at a wide variety of Toyota cars for sale. The details that you will find in the car ads include the year of the car, price, location and further descriptions about the car.

Contacting the prospective car sellers is pretty much straight forward – it’s just a phone call’s away. But, before you get delirious with the thought of getting a good buy of a car off the net, be sure to equip yourself with a car expert buddy or a group of them to tag along with you, when you decide to give the prospective car a good-look at.

Rewind back to the hazy conversation: Next thing she said with a serious face – Don’t worry about the payment, all you gotta do is pick one and it is all yours. I nearly spilled my drink when she laughed out loud. Pretty mean, eh? I threw a piece of cracker at her.

If you happen to pass a rusty-looking ancient excuse of a car with a bumper sticker that screams: If you're Not A Hemorrhoid, Get Off my Ar*e, that's her, the crazy person!

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