The Strange Case of Unusual Weather

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative." -Oscar Wilde.

The quote up there is utter nonsense and I shall yap about the weather. I don't know if I have completely lost it, but the weather has been quite abnormal for the past 2 days. By abnormal I don't mean the sun has stopped rising/setting or that Malaysia is experiencing its first winter. If I'd meant to blab about something like that, my friends, lo and behold, I may have just lost the battle to the demons.

Yesterday morning, around 6 to seven, it was pretty dark outside, when usually it would already be bright - Trust me, I know because I am usually awake when the first birds start to chirp crazily near the window and when it is bright, it is bright because the walls of my room are painted bright crazy yellow. I thought that maybe there was a storm coming but nope, no rain, no thunder, no storm.

The same day, only it was in the evening, after strolling around in the supermarket buying red onions and some fleshy chicken wings, my mother commented that the sky was peculiarly bright for seven p.m. I told her it was strange and started yapping about the same thought I had in the morning.

Next day, which was today's morning, it was the same thing! It was seven a.m and it was dark - I was extra alert for the whole purpose of weather analysis. Later in the evening, about seven p.m, the blazing happy sun was still up! At close to eight at night, we could still see the eastern part of the sky, where the huge ball of sun just went down, the traces of light were peeking through the indigo-stained sky. Normally, it would be pitch dark.

I was that intrigued by the whole thing that I decided to Google about it, but sadly nothing specific came up
. Every time I typed "strange weather", "weird weather" or "abnormal weather patterns" the sites listed were all nagging about the bigger effects of all this climate mood swing from escalating poverty, animals in crisis, and of course a sure sign of the End of our days.

I was thinking that perhaps some of you, lovely peeps, might have noticed the weather changes these few days -and be kind enough to share your insights?

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. -George Carlin

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