Tickle that Inner Rebel Out

Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been away writing pieces in my head every single time I am supposed to be sleeping. The imaginary pen I've been picking up ran out of ink every single time I wake up. The nice amusing pieces completed in my mind drift off into oblivion.

Whenever that happens, my eyes are just poring into this screen waiting for a ghost to pop out of it. Maybe I should just close my eyes and sleep, so that when the ideas, fleeting little smoke of ideas just write itself in my head, for my ghost audience.

Well sorry for triggering yawns. Just let me start my writing engine will you. So, here it goes. My rant is going to be on how to be rebellious in your life. So, are you a natural rebel? If you are, what do you rebel about?

I used to be a kind of nice little girl who follows rules and please others. I still am kind of, a little but I am so full of rebellious crap, you've got to excuse me.

So how do you force that rebel out again, if you've been a bore for quite some time, eh?

1. Say what you have in mind and do it.

So, you're clueless and afraid you'll end up looking like an idiot. Don't be. Remember, you are trying to break out of that bore-cycle. You gotta cook up something different. Not saying you're trying to be somebody else. You're you, calling your inner rebel out. Start simple. Say your friend wants you to do something, and you've always been the yes-man. So today is the day to say No. Say No, and then say Bye. Fun isn't it?

2.When others are rude and obnoxious, you be kind and gentle.

Though this kind of rebellious attitude escapes most people, because well you know the definition of a rebel doesn't square with with being all soft and pretty smiles. But really, if you're in a place for instance, in an office where the workaholics are vile and nasty, why don't you rock the day by being the very epitome of a courteous, considerate and kind colleague. Stay away from the gossip-mongers, but don't start a gossip about the gossip-mongers. Because then, you'll be the king of all gossip-mongers!

3.Don't explain yourself, just do it.

You know when people ask you things about yourself, and you start spinning stories about why you are the way you are, and why you do the things you do. Well, firstly, a rebel does not waste time explaining motives and hidden theories. All you have to do, girl, or man.. is just live your life. If you have a decision to make, and it is about your own sweet life, well do it. Don't look left and right. Don't wait for your great-grandmother to give you the green light. Heck, what are you doing here? Go make that choice! Shoo!

4.Don't read this kind of crap!

Rebels do what needs to be done and they don't come to my site to be enlightened. That leaves one reason for you people, to still be here reading and that is because I am so interesting to read. My words brighten your days and nights. And Gary thinks so too. So all of you who are gathered here at your respective locations scrolling down this page like I am about to present to you some kind of wisdom..bless you! You make my day!

PS: According to a Greek proverb, "To rebel in season is not to rebel". Check to see if we are in a rebel season, because if this is the season where rebels run amok, then you should not be rebellious at all, in order to stay true to the spirits of the genuine rebel.
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