The Curious Case Of A Wandering Mind

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our mind is like magic. It has the freedom to roam around in fantasies while we’re doing just about any routine task that does not demand too much of our attention. Often it just drifts off on idle mode - like a computer. Physically we may appear absorbed in a regular mechanical activity, mentally we can be really far away. This happens when the mind wanders. Surprise? No, not really.

Caught in a reverie, the mind is literally a creator of any possible case scenarios. Reverie is a state of daydream that can happen any time while you are awake. The mind wanders in abstract, goes back in time, fast-forwards to the future – moving from one edge of wishful thinking to the next with complete abandon.

For all the times we had to listen to mind-numbing crap from the mouths of people who don’t get us, for the times of unimaginable suffering of the spirit, for the periods we lost faith in our humanity, the unending cycle of rinse, wash and repeat – our minds were there to take us momentarily away from the dull and annoying parts of life.

I am personally amazed by the mind’s ability to wander and this is the primary idea behind the new name of this humble domain. Are you an avid daydreamer? Do you wonder why the mind does this almost naturally without force? Do your inspirations come from the work of you wandering mind? Is your mind-wandering ability affecting the level of your happiness?

As an introduction to the juicy topic of mind-wandering, let us spend a moment here to mind-wander for a bit before we get on with the next task.

I intend to investigate more about our mind-wandering ability in depth in the very future posts and would love for you to join me and my mind-wandering ways!

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