Dear World It's 2011 Hear Me Rant

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's my first post for 2011. I want to start off by wishing everyone a wonderful beginning that will last throughout the year. I hope that you will find your footing even if it's rocky at the initial bits of the way. I know you will be okay no matter what. If the optimism in me is mocking you, please do know that it mocks me too. But I'm not letting it bother me. And so let us unveil the curtain to the new entry of the blog this year.

What I have learned (and am still learning) so far in this existential plane up till now:

Big World of Inspirations

There are so many inspirational people out there in the world. Before the internet boom or prior to my interest in the internet, it has always been immediate family, friends and acquaintances who have the power to bring me up and down, but now there is this big world beyond the physical plane that catches me by sight and then my heart and mind via internet-plugged in devices. How amazing is that. It is a real gift don't you think?

Maintain Calm Center

People can be ruthless and uncaring. But I have learned that my own reactionary attitudes do not make me objective and rational. When I was a teenager I lived at the whims of my unstable moods. When I was content - life was fine. But when my mood was affected by words or actions of people around me, the boundary between what I could control and what was beyond my control became blurry and that caused my depression. Now I know that the control is within me. People can get mad and go insane and say hurtful stuff but I have the right to maintain a peaceful balance in my mind so that I don't go insane with them.

What & How You Eat

I observe that when I eat healthy, I feel healthy. And right now I know it better than ever that when I pay attention to the type of food and drinks I consume and how I consume them (I usually gobble my food up like I've not eaten in a month), my stomach feels better and that makes me feel all-round good. I am the type of person if my blood sugar drops way down - I get depressed or worse cranky and crazy. So I always make sure that I don't run on empty stomach.

Have A Stand

When I watch the news and the subject goes straight to race supremacy and very concrete rights of groups of people based on race, I roll my eyes and stick out my tongue. I love this country, yes I do. But I am only a human and when I see another human being, I only see the rights of all humanity. Not factions made up of a idealized superior notion of being the so-called Universe's chosen ones. Please. Who died and made you king of anything,eh? I don't apologize for my stance.

Ego Burn Out

I learn that when I don't watch where I am coming from - the ego takes over. And I get caught in the obsessive mental maze that is wrought with egoistical twists and turns. Despair sets in automatically. Competition drains the energy out of me. I learn to step back and remind myself that the illusion is real as long as the hands of the ego are steering the ship.

Not A Crime To Be An Introvert

I am quiet by nature and I learn not everybody is born with a mouth that constantly chatters. In the past I've noticed that I often wished that I talked more because the extroverts seem to have a grand life. But now I know that it is not true - it was just my reaction towards what I perceived as an adequacy in my personality. Are you a quiet person? If you do, please rejoice in being who you are.

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