Music Is The Exciting Way To Daydream

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music has the power to induce a state of daydreaming in me. I believe it's a universal thing. From a younger age, I've always had very imaginative fits of fantasy when I'm listening to say, a favorite boy band, then (hint: BSB).

My fantasy's pretty average for a young sensitive teen, though - I daydreamed about cute boys (that I went to school with) singing on stage with me, in a sort of giant music tour. And that was about the only stage-time that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Just recounting the daydreams of my corny younger years and sharing it with you is making me feel foolish. I spare you the morbid ones of strangling furry creatures, of eating dead ladybugs ... yuck I was only joking! That was really gross, wasn't it. Sorry, not here to offend budding serial killers. Aha.

Oh Well, where was I. Oh yeah, music-induced daydream. Whenever I'm resting or just being idle, I listen to the Jazz channel not on the radio, or online, but on the TV. Courtesy of ASTRO - tune in to channel 865 if you're a sucker for Jazz. If you enjoy Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Stan Getz or any dreamy jazzy tone for that matter, please check it out.(This is definitely not a product placement because their movie picks are boh-ring!)

The music really does put you in a trance hypnotic mood, if you get my drift. Sick and tired of the mainstream radio, turn it off. Go Jazz. Not only do I listen to Jazz, any instrumentals will do. It has to be mellow though for it to kick the dial of my daydream mode.

Just recently, my only Croatian friend introduced me to this wonderful epic melody by Anastasia and I'd say it's one of the most engaging epic music ev-vaar! It's not the usual mellow drone that puts my mind on a wandering spell. According to my friend, it has ancient Macedonian influences.

Mr.Google to my rescue - Anastasia is a Macedonian music band. Their music is a mix of Byzantine past, Eastern Orthodox Church sound with a rich gamut of ethnic Macedonian music beats. Or, just plug your ears in instead, and make sure the volume's not loud but is just nice for daydreaming.

While your ears are engaged, please allow yourself to daydream for a bit, and tell me if it puts the EPIC in daydreaming. Do kindly share your daydreams, if you did listen to it.

Of course, music for daydreaming is different for everyone and so I would love to know the kinds of music that make your mind fly. Spill.

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