The Dream In Various Context

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Depending on the structure of the sentence that we construct to convey a line of thought, the word "dream" can hold different meanings. Just as the word Bieber can mean different things to different people.

The Biebs aside, here are a couple of sentences that will aid in a speedy comprehension (I hope) of what I just said.

I had a dream about a goat last night.
(describes a dream that occurs while asleep)

She lives in a dream that is disconnected from reality.
(describes imaginative thoughts indulged while awake)

His dream is to own an island.
(describes an ambition or a cherished aspiration)

I have this pipe dream about sipping tea in the company of Damon Salvatore.
(describes a fantastic yet extremely vain hope)

I went about my work as if in a dream.
(charaterizes a state abstraction and mental release from reality (a trance).

This chocolate cake is a dream!
(describes something exceptionally gratifying or i.e awesome)

Even if I found a bag of money at my door, I wouldn't dream of taking someone's money.
(The sentence uses "dream of" in the sense of "remotely think of")

But for the purpose of future discussion on the topic of dreams, I will only use the word to describe the dreams that we have while we are sleeping.

So tell me, do you pay attention to your dreams? What are your honest thoughts about the other world that envelops you as you float in deep slumber? I would really love to know.

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