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Saturday, April 2, 2011

We all dream while we sleep. We're transported to a place where reality is multilayered, scenes go by at a speed of thought and death is just another passing-through portal.

We can be in the state of free-fall from slipping off a wall of the tallest building but the second we're about to lay splattered on the ground, the waking switch is turned on and we wake up with tremendous relief. We're alive! We were just dreaming. But oh my divine cheese, the cold sweat that hangs on our skin - it was just oh-so freaking real.

Returning to sleep, we ease into dreams that wrap us in blanket and scenes roll by with such depth and clarity that we're taken in again but once we awaken, and consciousness takes over, we shrug it off, we leave this other world behind and face another one.

The line between both worlds is distinct but traces of dreams do follow us even as we go about our waking biznes. However, for in the early parts of waking up from a deep sleep, the dream cloud scatters all obout our mind. But they gradually disappear into a mist and we forget them.

Dreams are such a mystery, that back in the Ancient Egyptian day, they were associated with the supernatural world. The Egyptians were the first dreamers who had attempted to understand the meanings behind their dreams that then marked the start of dream interpretation in human history.

They unravel the meaning behind specific dream symbols based on say.. verbal connections between similar words that fascinated them.

For an instance, the word "donkey" and "great" were homonyms (i.e. they share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings). Thus, dreaming about eating donkey meat meant "good luck".

In Ancient Egypt, dreams are thought to be divine predictions of the future. They are considered direct messages from the gods foretelling impending disasters or good fortunes. Thus deciphering dream symbols were considered a very important task.

The idea of "dream incubation" - a practiced technique of learning to "plant a seed" in the mind, in order for a specific dream topic to occur, either for recreation or to attempt to solve a problem - started in Egypt where people (who were facing troubles in their lives) would go to sleep in a sacred temple to dream and upon waking, a priest would then be consulted for the purpose of dream interpretation.

The curiosity about our own dreams goes way back in time. I actually relish in recalling and sharing them with closed friends and family. It's just another thing that fascinates me I guess. But it's not to the point that I dwell on every aspect of my dreams like a loon (I hope not).

So, what have you guys been dreaming about lately, eh? Come on, you can tell me.

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