Mind-Wandering To The Lines Of Haruki Murakami

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If you have picked up the habit of reading novels by Haruki Murakami - you'll understand why I have to say that he's a master story-teller who has the knack of spinning simple observation of everyday occurrences into a surreal existential dive that will stay with you long after you've finished reading say, a short paragraph. Let's mind-wander to the lines of this amazing fiction surrealist, shall we?

"Our city, these streets, I don't know why it makes me so depressed. That old familiar gloom that befalls the city dweller, regular as due dates, cloudy as mental Jell-O. The dirty facades, the nameless crowds, the unremitting noise, the packed rush-hour trains, the gray skies, the billboards on every square centimeter of available space, the hopes and resignation, irritation and excitement."

"And everywhere, infinite options, infinite possibilities. An infinity, and at the same time, zero. We try to scoop it all up in our hands, and what we get is a handful of zero. That's the city."
-A Slow Boat To China (Haruki Murakami)

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Abstract Cityscape Street Scene at night by Debra Hurd
City Lights at taltopia.com

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