Reverie Is Such A Tease

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We're always skirting reality in states of daydreaming, and when we fall asleep, some parts of the rational waking mind tries to partake in the direction of our dreaming thinking of it as reality.

I am highly fascinated with this go-back-and-forth between the physical world and the one that takes over whenever we fall into the REM (rapid eye movement) state of slumber.

And, whenever I plunge into a reverie by tuning out whatever that's happening around me at a certain point of time, I feel my self gradually experiencing an exquisite detachment from the physical body that I occupy and that slowly zooms me out the usual narrow perception of everything.

At that specific time, I notice that "reality" seems to have taken a soft quality of a dream.

I'm pretty sure this happens to a lot of us one time or another, inebriated or not and particularly amongst persons with a high affinity for "living inside their heads".

Just tonight, while seated comfortably in the back of a moving car breathing in the chilled air and letting the bright neon lights tease my sight, I began to dissociate from the 'I' by indulging a lingering thought about a sofa of the highest quality - triggered by a paragraph of the novel written by Haruki Murakami.

In the story, the protagonist shared an insight regarding a person's choice of sofa and how it portrays the specific taste and style of the person. I shall not bore you with the reasons why I find his point of view interesting but only that it resonates strongly with me because I can relate to his thoughts on a personal level.

So as I went on and on with thoughts after thoughts centered on the idea of a freaking perfect sofa - it reached up to a point where there in my mind's eye - was an image of a fluffy heaven-sent sofa.

While these thoughts were occurring, I felt as if one part of me was aware and watchful of the sea of anonymous cars passing by, and another was being indifferent and yet remained locked on a diffuse vague dreamy spell.

The background noise of music from the radio and the rain splattering on the car and the sound of car tires massaging the asphalt drifted further and further away.

Once I snapped back into complete awareness of the present moment, I realized that I wouldn't be able to articulate the exact feelings that poured into me while the hands of reverie held me snugly in its warmth. Thank Goodness I could blog about it!

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