Dreaming In Abstract Delight

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dreams, like a soft buffer, cushion our consciousness while we snooze like a zombie.

I dream many dreams that I soon forget as I regain awareness of the physical world. Some dreams stick out like sore toes due to their vivid intensity while others are like fillers, meaningless advertisements passing through in between that addictive TV show.

But then again, my inability to hold the dream attention long enough may presumably cause these scenes to appear as though they are lacking in meaning.

Ironically though, the opposite happens during wakefulness. Awake, harsh reality simply throws itself at me but my flaky awareness chooses instead to preserve itself by engaging in daydreams. Energy preservation method. Visually-seeing what's in front of me. But emotionally-distancing from whatever crap the cat drags home.

In dreams there's that effortless jump from one scene to the next, one character to another. It's as if I'm everybody I see. The constant buzzing of speculations swinging in and out at the backdrop like frenzied crickets and when there's no end to the ending of one chapter, I show up at the beginning of the next.

Just as soon as the tick of the old clock in my room shakes me off the heady multi-existence in the dream reality, feet on the ground, the line in between realms materializes and I'm awake.

Far-away, tendrils of whispers, snippets of color and traces of conversations, sucked into the tender foggy gray. Open the door, turn on that artificial light, the sun is setting, I live again, shed dead skin cells again.

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'Abstract Dreaming' by Jina Wallwork

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