That Divine Bubble Of A Moment

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The heat of her neck feels comfortable on my skin. She looks so serene, lying here with me on the couch as I scribble on my organic note pad in an awkward position.

Every scribble moves my arm and the movement causes her head to shake, yet she remains comfortably resting, our heat energies exchanging.

She doesn't know that I'm writing about her. She stretches her body and continues to doze off or daydream - I'm not sure which. I could tell her that this piece is about her but she may not understand what I'm trying to get at. She's always like that. But I don't underestimate her.

Right now, we're just sharing a divine moment. There's no sense in talking. This state of being is so heavenly that I want to capture the essence of it so much. But that's silly. I'm literally doing two things at one time. Writing and cherishing.

I wonder is she feels the same. She appears to be enjoying the moment. I can see movement at the corner of my eye, but that's about it. She's lost in a cat's reverie, if there is ever one.

I can't prove that for a fact. But you'd know what I mean if you have a cat.

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Serene Beauty by Sneha Nadig at

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