The Ecstasy Of Helenka's Art

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm a sucker for visual art forms such as abstract paintings, drawings, and suckers can't lie.

I'm currently very obsessed over Helenka's figurative expressionist art work. Her collections are very visually captivating that the first time I stumbled across them I was completely mesmerized and couldn't stop looking and looking, like a chronic screen-gazer.

It is said that our affinity for art has to do with the way we allow ourselves to float in its subjectivity, letting our minds interpret and dive into it effortlessly that the meanings we give to it, is a sort of a wish fulfillment to satisfy our current realities.

And art is a visual psychedelic that cracks open the chained door that give freedom for our minds to leave the phenomenal world and physical form behind, letting dreams, fantasies, reveries create divine new realms where we temporarily roam. Or hellish nightmares that we try to run away from.


Abstract portraits that play on a variety of bold colors have been a favorite of mine. Perhaps deep down inside, underneath this silent somewhat broody disposition, I feel as bright as the colors. Looking at art allows me to dig within my memories (real and imagined), connections, thoughts, pieces and bits of insights, pulling them out in the open, building bridges from my mental and visual capabilities to bring feelings and emotions out, within moments my eyes linger on the source of the appealing art.


There is joy when I find that the art remains long enough to tug at my emotional heart. Not only joy, there's a sense of looking directly into oneself, plunging either into a hard and cold bed of rocks of despair, loneliness and heartbreak, or onto the fragrant and soft rose petals gathered on a fluffy bed that brings me exhilaration, hazy anticipation of love, peace, forgiveness and acceptance.

"Lost in Dreams"

There are days when words spoken, written or read don't have the potent power to reach deep within my psyche to pump me up with energy and enthusiasm, but visual art in the form of paintings and drawings offer that silent remedy which will only requires my ability to hold my sight and let words be formed by the arresting interplay of hues and lines.


These art works are created by Helenka Wierzbicki and credit is due where it's due. I'm merely sharing and spreading the word of her amazingly magnificent paintings. You can follow her on Facebook, Flickr and her website.

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