Daydreaming At Midnight

Monday, January 2, 2012

Daydreaming, by definition is a dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. And I get why this specific idle activity gets the bad rap that it gets because it can be a waste of time if it's irresponsibly indulged.

You don't hear people say: Oh I've been working as a reverie spinner for the past three years and that the amount of money I make will cause you such bitter envy that I should refrain from uttering the outrageous figure bracket to your face. Only one who is attempting to be mildly sarcastic, like me, would say that just for kicks. But I always feel that people would kill to get a job that only requires them to daydream to their heart's content!

Let me just share with you why a job as a daydreamer would be a real dream!

--You're not on anyone's time when you're only required to spend your own time getting lost in your own sweet/bitter reverie.

--You certainly don't need a fancy office for getting your daydreaming mojo on. In fact, looking at the cubicle type of sitting designed for the race rats, you'd be extremely delighted beyond reason to be away at any location your mind may be drifting to. The lavatory is a great place to be lost in a reverie and you get to kill two birds with one stone, if you get what I mean.

--Whenever you get lost in a train of thought and have a strange look planted on your face, and someone tells you that you should take a break, you can always tell them chirpily, that you are on a break and that it is not constricted by time or location or the presence of uptight bosses. Be prepared for the smirks, because they will usually give you that for free.

--Whenever someone suggests a day or night excursion that you don't feel like being a part of, you can always tell them that you're too busy daydreaming, and wait for a confused respond or a blank stare, before saying in a very prideful tone: It's my job man. I can't get away because I am always away. Prepare to be physically assaulted by your friend, partner or spouse though.

--If you tell someone, who has always been stuck in the 24/7, get-your-bum to the office or designated place of work, and then back-home-to-crash-and-back-to-the-work-desk again, who is on the verge of having an annual emotional crisis and about to drive his/her vehicle straight into that innocent traffic light; that you love your job and will never ever stop daydreaming for life, be prepared to witness your own death as it rolls out in front of you.

I'm not sure why it would be a dream to be on the receiving end of smirks, assault and death but I sure had fun indulging my flair in creating nonsense for your entertainment. Yes, you are most welcomed! And if you do decide to quit your job to sit and thumb-twiddle while your mind takes you for a spin, make sure that somebody is paying you for the effort!

Image Credit:
'Midnight' oil painting by Sabzi
Daydreaming painting by Erin Nations

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