When Your Man Wants You To Cover Up

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why do some men get mindlessly nutty over what their women wear or don't wear? Granted, there are some neurotic ladies who need their men to abide by their standards of a presentable physical appearance.

But what I'm getting at is on a slightly different angle. These guys (not all guys, certainly) were evidently attracted to the physical beauty of their ladies when they first met, or at least within the earliest moments as they soon fell beseechingly in love with their ladies' amazing and unique personalities.

But overtime, these men get strangely pious. By pious, I mean in the sense that they want their dames to cease showing too much flesh. Hide that cleavage. Cover that shoulder blades. Plaster your nose. The last is a joke. But you know, it's that sort of thing. While they admit that their women aren't their properties, these males still behave as if they are. Like it's something they've been taught to do. Find a cute girl. Change how she dresses and the way she approaches her own freakin' life.

I've met a guy who had confessed that he'd initially gotten to know me because he wanted to change me into being the type of woman who lives by a certain way of life approved by a certain holy scripture. Well holy moly, who the heck did he think he was? My flying spaghetti monster?

Now, I'm approaching this subject strictly within the context of the way some men act. I love men (and women, and other species) shamelessly, so this is not an attack to the whole species of men out there. This is to casually highlight and roll my eyes at those who act high and mighty trying to save the female species from the utter destruction that comes from the act of showing an inch of too much flesh that this might tempt other men to immoral thoughts and behaviors and doom both genders to eternal damnation.

My advise to you ladies who find yourselves being in the company of such men who has to block the way to the pleasure of wearing that bootylicious low-cut jeans or that navel-exposing crop top is to stop letting your men dictate what you ought or ought not to wear in the first place and that goes for every other part of your life too.

If he says, your cleavage is distracting other men, well, I say, let them be distracted. Your man should mind his own cleavage. There's just too much unnecessary bitching over women's sacred flesh that's getting in the way of real conversation. If your man thinks he's being nice by teaching you how to wear your own clothes, girl, you've got to put it inside his head that he really does need to get a life, before you start kicking him out of your life.

When a guy takes off his shirt or shows off a bit of flesh in public, we ladies don't make it our business to be all preachy and righteous. We may drool, give 'em a neutral look or simply be indifferent, but however we react, it never escalates into a global outcry. Truthfully though, I feel like the ladies are not that easy to be stimulated by a show of the male junk as much as what they can do with it. Certain guys are just bananas when it comes to even the tiniest peek of the female flesh, I guess.

But goodness me, when a lady is walking around just strutting what nature's given her, minding her own life, males in close proximity will start to devolve into apes and one has that feeling like one's watching a documentary about a pack of testosterone-crazed wild male hyenas catching a sniff of a potential lady hyena in heat.

And the recent news about Naama Margolese, a shy 8-year-old Israeli girl who was assaulted by a pack of holy-than-the-rest ultra-orthodox men because she appeared 'immodest'(in long sleeves and a skirt) to their perverted eyes is completely vomit-inducing.

I'll end this rant by sharing a comment from a reader of this news article that I find hilarious but it also suggests a very practical cure to the malady that's common in men who appear to require all women, girls, grandmamas to cover up just so that they do not be tempted by the flesh.

"Why not make a Goggle and that should be made compulsory for Men to wear. Every time a woman comes in the view the goggle will show only the picture of Men's Mother. This invention will stop all the problem of dress code. Science is too advanced now, and this can be made anytime. Any enterpreneur ?????" -Aruneil (Pune)

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