The Story Of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Iranian mother of two, Sakineh, known to the world as the controversial Iranian adulterer who had been initially sentenced to die by stoning because of adultery may be sentence to die by hanging instead. How very thoughtful of the justice folks.

But Iranian officials, being completely thorough at their jobs, are still debating over the issue. It is however, disturbing that we don't hear or see anything much about the other party who was a willing participant of said adultery, Isa Taheri who actually murdered Sakines's husband, Ebrahim Qaderzadeh via electrocution in 2005. Isa Taheri was Ebrahim Qaderzadeh's cousin.

Can somebody tell me what the hell is happening? I'm appalled that Sakineh has had (and is still) to go through the mindless brutality in which her case has been dealt with within the walls of the Iranian justice system. And seeing that public executions are still being performed in Iran, I guess, I don't have much to say, except to mutter a silent 'wow' and attempt to roll my tired and gritty eyes.

But, seriously, what do they think that these horrid public display of so-called violence veiled in justice would do? And it's sickening to see that the spectators of these scary street shows are all (or mostly) males. Where the heck are the ladies? Oh I know, safe and sound within some cozy four walls.

You can view the disturbing photos of the sick public executions here on a Facebook page meant to garner support from all over the world over the barbaric punishment sentence that was given to Sakineh.

So where is this Isa Taheri, the murderer of his own cousin. I tried googling him and there's no news about him except that he's not in jail anymore. What on earth is this? Why is the murderer and a party to the adultery not getting the same, if not worse sentence? Why is he not being stoned? Okay, so I went and did some research about the Islamic law on the subject of stoning and flogging.

Apparently, as Isa Taheri was an unmarried fornicator, he should have been flogged one hundred stripes and exiled for one year for the crime of having sexual intercourse with a married woman. But mind you, he's also a murderer and the fact that he has left the prison at a really quiet notice says something is not so just here.

While I am not at the presence of complete concrete knowledge and proof of Sakineh as being the real proven accomplice to the murder of her husband, I am very strongly against stoning, flogging, and all forms of public execution. I do not see the point of it especially at this time and age, but I may be deluding myself, considering that these days human beings just simply have the need to resort to violence just for fun and games, for instance, you'd recall the lunacy of the shopping season during the great Black Friday Shop Till You Drop in America.

So all in all, it's definitely the usual, back here on our side of the human world. We homo sapiens are a disgrace, and forever we will be. I count on that and so should you! Happy Holidays. Rock out. Be totally insane. You deserve it. We all do.

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