Oh How I Just Cringe..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

You know that life can be quite an excrement of sorts sometimes, but overtime, the realization smacks you right in between your bum, I mean eyes, that the perceived excrement actually is coming from your own made-up views and when you catch yourself looking at the reflection from surfaces that have the ability to reveal to you, your wizened wrinkly face, a certain revelation bubbles itself out of the cracks from the dark void, you CRINGE.

The state of mind that is cringing at its own existence may be something to boast, talked about, debated during tea time as you lounge and fart about your hyper-philosophizing buddies. And naturally, it will never amount to anything practical except that the more you sit and cringe together, the rest of the world will sink from the corners of your perception and down into a smokey boundary-less mundaneness.

And then, there are those types who will (almost) never be affected by this self-imposed cringe-ready malady, that the only cringing moments of their peachy lives were and are almost always directed to some other unfortunate cringe-worthy persons and/or events they are so sure they hold no direct responsibility of. From the perspectives of my juiceless eyeballs and the ever oh wisecrackin' perception, all I see are buffoons whose mental blockages serve as an insanity filter that protects and nurtures them from the ruthless onslaught of self-attacking thoughts!

I loathe what I've become in this aspect, most of all. How could they get to be that flip and easy, while I sit here buzzing unlike the happy bee, no sir. This ain't no bumbling bee. Stripey and happy. The only buzzing sound that I hear is the noise coming from my exhausted brain cells attempting to sneak their way out of the bony skull prison that sits in between annoyingly asymmetrical sound-sensitive, huge ears.

And these ears, they move too, apparently, when I speak (though I've never witnessed it myself); but a strange old friend had insisted that the only recollection he's had of me was my bloody animated ears. No thanks to him! Hmph!

By the way, have you ever felt like you've woken up with an inclination to cringe at every single thing that catches your attention? It's kind of anally-retentive, don't you think? I hope you cringe less as you welcome the day and night ahead. If you're still cringing, it's alright, we'll cringe together.

Image Credit:
Portrait Of Cat Ears
Noose, Surrealist Oil Painting

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