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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who? by Rovi Jesher
The world's full of people with unique mental processing skills. Roughly, I'd say there are two types.

One enjoys stretching the intangible boundaries of imagination and whenever there's a possibility to push further in the quest of understanding the totality of life, this person will go for it.

The other one has placed himself in a comfortable box where all of his actions and even thoughts are governed within a rule-observed ground. He is completely satisfied lurking in the cozy bubble.

Mentally, I can't be chained. There'll be thoughts that want to reveal themselves. Ideas that can't be curbed and so many limits, that I'd love to shatter.

But the irony has come to show itself in the form of my ultra routine physical life. I may have a mind that is allergic to blind conformity, but physically I flourish comfortably in the predictable.

The concrete cave where I live and work is the haven. I could leave it for a while, but I still return to it. It is safe and warm. The familiar envelops me like a soft blanket on a cold stormy night and I am smitten by this tender setting.

This polarization certainly isn't unique and I find myself grasping on an insight that is as elusive as unicorns.

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