A Song By Gary Go If You're Looking To Get Possessed

Friday, June 29, 2012

You know how some songs can carry you into a momentary trance that lingers. Well, there's one song that falls into this category for me.

The song that seems to permeate through my senses and then stirs up the molecules of air all around me when turned on is Brooklyn/Berlin by Gary Go.

Judging by his name, if you've never heard of him before, you'd think he's of an Oriental descent. His real name is Gary Baker and he hails from London. Try as I might to recall the first time I'd heard this song, I just fail. So much for thinking that I was in the possession of an exquisite memory that could retain everything.

So, Mr Go's known for his non-traditional use of iPhone for creating his songs. He'd even used Twitter to get some lyrical suggestions from his friends. [source]

According to this source right here, Go had told Q magazine in 2009 that he'd been possessed by the spirit of the late Frank Sinatra while composing this song in a house in New Jersey where the teenage Sinatra had apparently lived.

Whether that's a fact or fiction, I just don't know. Nevertheless, I'd say that the soothing jazzy tone of the song had an effect on my ears that it would be apt to say that I too was possessed.

So, if Gary Go was possessed by Sinatra; I, then, was possessed by the song he created while being possessed.

Now I am sharing this song on my blog hoping that it keeps possessing those who happen to listen.

Here's the original song Brooklyn:

And here's the same song by the British crooner/songwriter/producer titled Berlin. For some unknown reason, I find that Berlin fits in way better.

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