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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The title of this post may not reflect the point of its content which is to be ridiculously random.

I am not a fan of misleading blog titles but what the heck, if it stimulates some writing I shall not complain.

So here we go.

I was feeling animalistic today so I had to don a leopard printed top for full effect. I wonder if a real wild leopard actually spotted me in this, would it come and sniff my behind and say we're family? Obviously not.

The faux pond is looking mighty green with all the water lily foliage. A dead tadpole sits on one of the leaves.

The inverted Malaysian flag predicts a new time for this land. The metal wind chime can't wait for the monsoonic winds of change to blow its way.

A lone deep brown cow grazing the grass at the side of a heavy-traffic road oblivious to the stalking human creature that was me. Sorry cow. But you looked so cute I had to steal a snap.

According to my mom, even though the cow seems pretty harmless, the cow has strong legs that it may use to kick anyone foolish enough to come sit next to it while it's having a munch. Okay then, I'll Google cow's psychology before attempting to approach one.

Singapore curry laksa. Too delicious for words.

Indonesian nasi ketuk (knocked rice) with tandoori chicken. I gobbled the whole thing up like a starving mad woman.

This is red beans with coconut cream. It was perfecto. I think I drooled while eating it. Luckily the waiters around weren't that good looking so I just stuck to being myself, a cave woman.

Vietnam coffee. The caramel aroma and taste was divine. Tried to trick my mom into taking a sip. She took a whiff of it and knew there was milk. Luckily for me, I had the whole cup to myself. That's how I like my food/drinks served, all for myself!

Thank you for reading this, if you've got up to this point.

If you've ever sat next to a real life wild cow, please let me know if you've ever gotten kicked by the four-legged tail-swinging adorable beast below. If you have never sat down with a cow and watched it munch on grass, I would like to know if you'd wish to get the chance to do just that.


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