The Gift Of Family & Good Food

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Self-absorption at the extreme is ugly. It gives the illusion that everything seems to circle around this 'me' that is 'feeling' these feelings.

Even when things do go according to plans, I subconsciously think that in the next moment things can just take a turn an unleash plain crap. And that when it does, the inclination to perceive that it's all going to be splattered on my face is pretty strong.

Emotions when felt too much too fast too quick are recipe for self-pity, anger, destruction and distortion in comprehension.

It's hard seeing clearly when the only view I base my thoughts upon is of my own. The head conjures a lot of ideas and before long, intricate stories that are completely fear-based will have been spun. It's not fun to be in the state of mental paralysis which is induced by chronic obsessive thinking patterns.

Fortunately, there's that corny faces of family members and then there's good food. This two served together and at once will do amazing things to the mind, well, if you're ready to come out of your head and just enjoy the little things.

Cue cheesy family photos:

I went photo-collaging crazy and PicsArt is to be blamed.

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