Feline Dreamland & The Butter Trick

Thursday, March 28, 2013

When my rather sensitive and fussy cat finally made his surprising return home, we resorted to the butter trick.

What's a butter trick, you wonder? Well, there's this proven method of spreading butter on paws of a cat to help him remember his way back home if you've just moved to a new place. Cats hate moving house and if you're worried about your cat getting lost somewhere, just make sure you rub some butter on the feline's paws.

Of course, you don't need to do this if your cat lives and roams indoor. I don't know how people do it to be honest. Keeping a cat indoor is a real task, at least for me. The last time I had to mother four kittens in the house, I shed pounds and ended chopping my hair off. I scooped cat poo and cleaned obsessively daily that I had a newfound respect for mothers young children.

So now that all my kitties have moved out to continue their lives in the vicinity of the house, I breathe a long sigh of relieve.

Anyway, that's so off-topic. My kitty, Alpen decided not to return home daily after Lucy had become ill with cat flu. And when Tidus, my grey cat, started to get in the mood of rough-chasing him across the yard, Alpen came home less and less. Even his twin, Aiden got into a funky mood whenever Alpen is back. Aiden's the kitty with a bored pose in this video.

So...Getting back to the butter. Mom found out about it after reading a pretty thick book on DIY tricks that you can do around the house. Guess what? The butter trick actually conditioned the sensitive cat to return home daily! And I don't even spread it on his paws because then I'd have to mop the whole house. I just feed him some after his evening meal. The amount of butter I give him is about a teaspoon size and that's it!

Now that he's a cute and contented kitty, I let him stay on for a bit inside the house. Here are some photos of the furry one, just chilling out after his elaborate evening meal while the three other kitties sit in the porch.

This muh spot - Alpen

Alpen, my sweet Siamese cat has just claimed a spot for his chill-out session facing the TV right next to where mom's always seated when she's thumbing the remote control.

Sprawled on a cool floor

The tropical heat calls for the move to stretching out on a cool floor instead.

Getting ready to doze

The cat goes back on the chair as it gets cooler and he's ready to slip off to another realm.

Lost in Feline Lalaland

Curled up kitteh!

Sleep got me

Sleep has finally got the kitty.

If you're a cat owner (who happens to get owned by the cat), have you ever tried the butter trick? If you have not, do you know of other easy and fun tricks to get your furry friend to behave a certain way? Share below, I'd love to hear!

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