In The Loving Arms Of Nature

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whenever boredom and general lingering malaise sink into our everyday routine, we'd be all better off spending a quiet moment outside with the company of nature. There's the blue sky if you're lucky and clouds so white and fluffy, they make you want to breathe a little deeper, and simply pause.

While it's impossible and selfish to banish creepy insects and bugs from the natural world, I try to calm myself down whenever my ears pick up a buzzing sound of something with six or more legs that zooms by and think from the perspective of said insect as I'm sure it's also freaking out just flying pass a giant of a human creature.

Creepy crawlies aside, flowers and the natural green environment are an easy remedy for low-energy moods. And if there's a body of water, from a pond, ocean or a lake, artificial or real nearby, you can't help but breathe a little deeper, reflect and unwind.

Perspectives take upon new interpretations and you feel yourself soak in gentle understanding, perhaps about yourself, life's existential questions or some other little questions.

The heat of the tropics is still pretty lethal in the afternoon here that if weather's not welcoming, it's best to stay in and go out later in the evening.

Here are some images of nature around the house (and on trip to the provincial part of the town) that I managed to capture few weeks back:

Sky blue, white fluffy clouds

Looking up at the sky reminds me of the extravagance of nature. With my head stuck (most of the time) inside the world wide web, it's easy to feel like the concrete jungle is all there is.

Yellow bloom

Yellow is an energetic hue, indeed.

Fragrant white

I don't know what these are called. But they've got this very herbal-y sweet fragrance. I sometimes pluck the flowers and throw them like confetti on my cat Tidus for fun. Ever since we found out that the feline actually likes playing with flowers and munching on stems of random plants, we've been calling him the flower boy.

In the wild

Another wild flower with an ombre-like coloring going on about the petals. Bees love this one.

What does nature ultimately mean to you? Do you see it as a side of life that requires constant pruning or do you bask in its green airy comfort, enjoying the time spent outdoors whenever possible? Or, do you simply forget that it is even there in the first place?

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