Sunset Abstraction

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunset Abstract by Toby Keller
I am partial to sunsets. And in my youth, the specter of that red brilliant golden sun going down implanted seeds to daydreaming. The mellowing round ball of fire sparked a certain kind a feeling that was also innately different than what was felt say during a sunrise. Stories, real, imagined or in between would conjure themselves.

Time spent idle indeed was time for building tales. I wrote them down every chance that pen and paper were in hand. If I did not scribble then I would string words in my head, memorizing the melody by way of their rhyme and rhythm.

But words, when not immediately written were sneaky elusive ghosts resisting efforts of recollection. Words were especially abundant during an azure sunset. This kind of sunset was specific. It appeared in shades of strikingly warm yellow that would entice minds open to its seduction to intense nostalgia. If not that, a dizzying version of introspection.

For souls that were prone to brood, here was a time to get lost in a divine muse. If sleep had taken over, dreams would greet their spirits rudely. A dislocated perception would wash over upon waking up. Where were we? What time was it? Why are we here again?

What my mind uttered in thoughts at this twilight moment was a complete experience by itself. Thoughts held a certain kind of lunatic pressure. And the sweet stillness carried in the air of this psychedelic sunset ensured epiphanies, the type that would transpire new directions and uncommon choices.

While it had started nostalgic in shades, this sunset naturally progressed into a bursting of deep melancholic tones of blues, purples, reds and oranges. And I hoped then that if there was heaven, it would permanently be in this kind of weather.

Some images caught at sunset weeks earlier:

Just what about sunsets that make us feel like we're closing in something special? Do you have your own sunset experience that you'd want to share? I'd love to hear!

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