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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Heart by Claudia Drossert
Some little observations and insights into what's been marinating in my mind that I hope will be food for thought for you, the kind casual reader.

[Porous emotional boundaries are detrimental to general health]

[Sickness, diseases and sheer chaos put everything in a neat box of perspective. You can't control every little thing]

[The bloated sense of entitlement of the early years will reduce as you age. But this apparently is not applicable to all]

[If you feel drained, check out for openings in the emotional barrier. Tears may have been made while you were being overly emphatic; it happens]

[If insecurity happens, sit with it for a bit. Life lessons missed during the developmental years have the habit of popping up to say hello]

[Nasty people are nasty but that doesn't justify your reactive nastiness]

[If you have perceived an insult and felt offended, take a deep breath and give yourself space to recover. Then, find out why you feel the way you do]

[It's hard to naturally feel at ease when all your life you were busy pretending to feel at ease. Practice compassion and understanding on yourself and others]

[You have the right to feel a rise within you; anger, disgust and some equivalent emotions must be let out but watch that they do not consume you]

[You don't know what's on other people's plates. They may seem put together but if you look closely, there are cracks under the surface]

[If you don't ask for help, how would anyone know that you need their help]

[Chronic people pleasing doesn't translate into self-respect]

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