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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Color Autumn by Tom
Hello world! It's been a while since I'd last written. I apologize for my absence if it's caused you any pain which I really don't think is possible unless you're secretly way into me.

Life's been quite a blessing, I think. I am still breathing and my limbs are functional. My spine hasn't failed me. My mind is clear. Work has been enjoyable. My cats are adorable and healthy. My family's well and content. The neighborhood is calm. Some bushes may need to be trimmed on the side of a neighbor's yard but that's not my problem is it?

There's some funky fertilizer scent floating in the air late after hours that can be wholly blamed on another neighbor's enthusiastic yet sporadic gardening but that can be survived as long as I just stay within the concrete walls. Better this than to retaliate by dumping my kitties' excrement on their front gate as that'd be petty. Who likes a petty Betty? Nobody.

The monsoonic rain did pour for a whole week before that had me freezing to my bones. I was about to file a complaint to the weather control department, but thank goodness, the sun got back to its usual routine. Before long, I'd started perspiring and cursing the humidity. So, all's well over here with me.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering over nothing, let's see some pictures now, shall we?

Starting with the animals I stalked at the local pet place:

Officially pug obsessed..#pug

An adorable pug that my sister's chronically obsessed with. I admit that my heart's been taken by this hyperactive cutie. With no experience whatsoever in doggy care taking, we've resorted to fantasizing and dreaming about having a pug to play with our kitties.

Green birdies chillin! birdpoo decorating glass proves the feathered beings are creative! #birds

The birds in their enclosure. I'll never get used to the idea of birds living in a small contained space. They've got wings so they should be kept in a space that allows more than just short bouts of wing-flapping.

7 early birds from the pet store. Pic taken by an owl of a human. #birds

Seven early birds gossiping about the human animals gawking at them.

Tiny dino giving me the eye #reptile

Something about this reptile's expression tickled me, at first. Then, not so much because it made me think of the lurky Sméagol from Lord of the Rings.

Snakes for a pet? no thanks!

Snake on a snake. Interesting to look at but not to be kept as a pet unless that's your thing.

Stalking a Stripey snake #reptile

Another legless creature wearing his party stripes thinking of ways to escape the four-wall barricade and slither into the sunset.

shy kitty named 'mok' (short for fatty) #catlover

My cousin's shy kitty that's warmed up to me. A pretty little fatty, this one is!

siamese kitty taking over the bed #catlover

Bed take-over by feline. Aiden's all curled up in his cozy position.

two less lonely feet in the world #stripeshoe

Footography in session! Buying shoe online in the wrong size had made me temporarily bitter. Shoe shopping's no fun online and in real life. But I've got a pair that I totally love now:

All socked up to brace the gloomy day. Half asleep. Zzz

I adore the tiny vintage-y cutout and the rusty brown color promises that it'll go with any outfit! Also, there's a charming round metal faux buckle-up feature on the side that isn't clearly seen here but had got me at hello.

Diy studded wooh

A human that's missing the upper half of her face.

Sis in plaid

Sis rocking the plaid shirt, being an early bird. Time freezes in that office of hers. Not sure why my human pics are cropped-style, though.

Sweet moms

Mom's sneaking a pose for the camera.

Chicken satay yumm #foodie

Can't end the post without some food imagery. Chicken satay's always a yummy option anytime anyone's hungry.

Daily caffeine must-have #coffeelover

Coffee time is the best time.

Alright, that's all for now. Happy Mid-Autumn!

And to end this post with something ridiculously random, I'd like to confess that I love Ben Haggerty. Not in a creepy stalker sense, of course. His lyrics got to me first. And then his hyperactive jumping on the stage.

A song of his that's an all-time favorite:
Neon Cathedral - Macklemore

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