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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going Home by Rubyblossom
I saw cows waiting to be slaughtered for the second Eid tomorrow. They were all lounging by the holy place of worship near where I live. I felt sad as I tend to get when seeing animals at the mercy of the human species. Can’t they just feast on fish and veges instead?

I am not a vegan fanatic and thus have gladly taken the place of a silly hypocrite. How can I feel torment for cows that will be slaughtered for the Eid al-Adha tomorrow when I myself devour deliciously cooked meat every now and then.

And this got me thinking about rituals. The slaughtering of cows during the annual Hari Raya Haji specifically which is happening in a few hours from now as it’s ritualistic in nature. Though I do not participate in the cow slaughtering ritual nor do I ever wish to, I get the banality of rituals. It's a done thing. It's part of a religious thing. What ever you want to call it thing.

My existence on a daily basis is quite ritualistic. It’s a routine that I’ve grown familiar with like the way you have with yours. And here I am having the audacity to express my distaste for any animal slaughtering ritual. Why can't it be pet-the-cow ritual day, why?

I am selective about rituals and also open to creating new ones just because I am quite the liberal. But mostly I stick to what I like. The self-indulgence is reeking, I know. Nothing new there but I’d never force my ritual upon you, truly.

And that got me thinking about relationships. Serious ones, the kind that marriage is equated with. Now, how would I stand the unique ritualistic behavior of another person?

As anal as I am, I will say that there’s comfort in knowing that the other half is not at all like me. He reads the comics. And the few attempts made by me to get a feel of anime comics has got my brain is a twist.

Comic-reading doesn't come easy to me. It takes more effort reading comics than to read a giant wall of text.

Anyway, I’m such a rambler. Today’s post the rambling sort, the kind that blogs are made for.

The point of this rather awkward posting is to confess my weird love for cows, although I eat them occasionally. I don’t care for animal sacrifice rituals and that I may be too anally-retentive for my future life-long partner.

On a ridiculously random note, I’ve signed up with Quora for daily doses of inspiration to get my blogging juice going. Instead I've stumbled into a pool of knowledge that keeps me reading instead of writing. Now, not only I've Pinterest to distract me, I've just acquired an addiction to Quora.

Are you on Quora? If you're not, get on it!

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