Chic Tops That Let Your Tummy Be

Friday, November 28, 2014

Image by Bess Georgette

"There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors." ― Tennessee Williams

There comes a time a lady has got to let her stomach chill out, free from the constraints of having to look flat and fit. Some of us are naturally pregnant with food and fortune while others are blessed with a little human growing within. Thus, it's natural to want to wear a relaxed blouse that doesn't look like it's been scraped from the back of the closet. So this one's for the ladies with tummies too bloated or pregnant (real and imagined) to care: tops that don't stick to your mid-section like a nasty chewing gum on the foot of your expensive sandal.

I used to wear quite the tight tops when I was much younger. Not that I was extremely fit, mind you. I just didn't care and plus, nobody of the young age kind should bother with flowy fabrics - that's for the aunties and grannies. Trends have dictated that this is not the case, but I was young then and that was what I thought, influenced by the magazines and music videos, of course. Adolescence is a nice time to put the blame of every single thing besides yourself, isn't it?

Anyway, fast-forward to the current version of myself: I have a new appreciation for loose silhouettes and it's mostly influenced by the condition of my rebellious tummy that is predisposed to bloating come the time of the month. Not that I'm alone in this as other PMS-afflicted ladies will guarantee it. Coupled with sporadic exercise routines, the tummy well, resorts to the appearance of a happy tummy!

For the tummy to continually be content in its present state, choose to wear only the right style of tops. Structure wise, opt for a relaxed flippy waist seen in the swing and drape style tops that will certainly leave adequate space for the middle section to roam free. Anything body-hugging is a stern no. A blouse with a peplum waist is nice, just be sure to pick one in your size.

Check out the roundup of top styles that will leave your tummy be in peace for once:

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Happy Shopping Ladies!!

Tell me what you think of the tops I've picked out. Do you like the style? Do you relate to having days with your tummy bloated and not happy with the tight-fitting top variety? Share your thoughts below!

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