Sides Of Me

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sides Of Me

Sides of my mind along with some OOTD stuff.

I have sides of me that sometimes clash with one another. You don't see them on the surface but you may if you're great at picking up subtleties of human behavior. Sometimes, I'm a good friend to myself. Other days, I'm aware of an underlying turbulence that disturbs the so-called peace of mind, I try to maintain. Just when I thought, I have some level of control over my thoughts, they go for a spin fueled by reactive emotions.

That's the thing with minds in general and for me, I have to nourish mine with some habitual forms of positive thinking and action. I try to do this on a daily basis. Seeing beauty in places that are left to be taken over by nature. Handing out a smile for free to a random cat or human. I also realize that sitting down, allowing myself to feel whatever that arise in my my mental space without judging can be liberating. I can feel my negativity bubbling at a safe distance. I can sit and watch it for a bit until it subsides. It comes back and it goes. It loses grip as long as I don't resist. It can be draining but hey, it's the only way through to find that inner balance.

About the outfit:

It's a basic v-neck white tee worn tucked into my favorite culottes. I wear the birkenstock style flats a lot when it is hot here in sunny old Malaysia - which is almost any other day. Wearing sneakers on a hot day can be a bother so I don't bother. A reader wanted me to retire these 'slippers' and transform Malaysian fashion scene. I had a good chuckle because I'm so low key in what I wear, especially in the shoe department, makeup, hair; you name it, I'm going to leave the local fashion scene transformation to those more adventurous.

To end this post, here's a quote I got from this website called Calm Down Mind that I've been reading daily to understand the mind of mine:

"An attitude of learning – the best attitude to have towards life is to see everything as an opportunity for inner growth, in many cases growth comes in the form of some suffering especially from a sense of disorientation or failure. I don’t see anything as negative, I can only see a value towards growth in everything and this attitude is what really allows me to be resistance-free towards allowing the growth intended through any situation or thought." -- What Are You Driven By?

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