All I Do

Thursday, August 25, 2016

All I Do

This post reveals FIVE things about me, the outfit I wore that one time and what I thought about hurt.

I almost didn't want to blog about this look but felt like I should because I've been given a kick in the bottom by myself. I'm planning to take this blog out of its graveyard because it's finally alive and kicking. I have outfit posts lined up, which are basically a kind of motivator for me to post. I do like to do wordy post every now and then but the pictures can do the talking sometimes, when my brain cells are busy hibernating.

I find it's therapeutic typing words slowly while I figure things out as my mind's speedy thoughts can sometimes put me in a daze. It's one of the things I taught myself to do when I was a teen but that resulted in emotional heart-bleeding rambling and some kind of poetry. I hope to dig out some gems of wisdom I picked up or an inspiring stuff or two to share with you besides making words string endlessly, yapping over nothing. Heh.

Oh yeah, let me do a little listicle type of thingy so as to bore you more about myself.

5 things about me you will know ONLY after reading the list below:

1. I love owls. I collect them, well, not the real ones. I've been given owl-related stuff by my family members because I love them so much. It could be because I love burning the midnight owl. Get it? Heh.

2. I can be the quietest creature when I get mentally/emotionally overwhelmed. But hey, I come back alive and kicking with absolutely ridiculous jokes and bad but creative puns in two languages (Malay + English) after the storm winds down. I learn that it's good to have a BIG laugh after taking myself so seriously, once in a while.

3. I have two cats, called Tidus and Aiden. They're cute and fluffy bros from the same litter. I beg you to follow them on my Instagram for free cute attacks. Their expressions describe my many moods most of the time.

4. Everyday is a gift and a chance to try to be a better version of myself. Life is short. Learning about the self and how it operates are exciting to me.

5. You can ask my mom and my two feline buddies to confirm: I will get philosophical any chance I get.

On to the outfit which is the most important because everyone knows it's a life and death matter for an outfit-sharer:

I learn that hurt isn't the enemy. To feel hurt is to experience an aspect of the human experience. I used to want to distract myself from anything that pinches the heart. I now sit with my hurt and watch it lessen without fighting with it. I wish this is taught in schools.

How are you folks doing? Is there anything that perks your interest today? Tell me you like this outfit of mine very much. Nah, don't do that. I kid. I want to know what you honestly think of this post including the outfit. Thanks!

** This outfit was featured on Fashionista NOW. For details, you can totally go there by clicking this!

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