Owl Be Me

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Owl Be Me

There is a time for every season under the sun. I reflected upon this line a while back and found a kind of comfort.

I also learn that standing by and for myself is a subtle process that starts with me owning up to my own principles and letting life do its thing. When we went to the park that one time, a week back or so, the plan was just to have a casual shoot and dash.

And what a surprise we had in store, as near the bridge where I was standing around for Mrs. Photographer to shoot, there was this huge lizard (or a biawak, in Malay) munching on a piece of fresh fish it caught from the lotus-filled pond. I saw its tongue flipping in and out, eyes watchful of the movement of humans. Whenever someone happened to jog across the bridge, the lizard would submerge itself under water, only to come back up again to eat the fish when the coast was clear. The fish appeared fresh. The lizard had a feast.

This curious encounter happened with people around but funnily, nobody else really looked at it or got that excited except for well, yours truly, and my mom, after I shrieked softly - who managed to contort a surprised look for a few seconds before resuming her photographer mode. The others - if they were not exercising or catching a breather after the long day while wondering what the heck was this weird woman doing flapping and blocking the bridge - were playing Pokemon Go.

I only realized this in retrospect after seeing the news. Malaysia apparently wasn't too happy her citizens were glued on something else besides the exciting local news. At the time on the bridge, I found it interesting to watch a bunch of people with faces planted onto their smartphones sprinting here and there like they had a case of the random flea biting their bottoms. On the bright side, young people left their concrete caves. On the dark side, some left their brains at home and got into accidents playing the darn game.

Well, now on to the outfit of this old lady, then, shall we?

Mind said: Why must people walk here, it's my bridge! Kidding.

Look at this smart owl.

The wow-the-floor-is-pretty-fab pose.

I hijacked the bridge and people had to find a different route to pass through.

The time I met a cute tree and felt awkward. Thus, this face and pose.

The owl print tee is a gift from my brother. The patterned pants I got from some place, I forgot where, but you can get this relaxed style of pants anywhere. Raid your grandma's closet first - who knows what kind of rare gems you'll find there. The oxford style shoes were from ZALORA Malaysia, as is the studded bag.

Talking about owls, there's this up-and-coming social platform for getting insights, setting goals, self-improvement, and self-awareness called Owlascend, launching on September 27, 2016. If you're interested, you can go check out the website here.

Well, what do you think of this outfit post? Have you ever met a cute tree and didn't know if you should shake its leaves or high five its bark? Share your thoughts, please and thanks!

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