Abandoned Not By Nature

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Abandoned Not By Nature

The time I found an abandoned spot to a mildly busy side of the town, took pictures, saw a black cat.

So, I finally found out there was a man living inside the abandoned security guard post that sat at the far opposite side of the white local museum where I've been using as my #ootd backdrop for the past few weeks. I've mentioned in passing before that I have a thing for abandoned places and buildings. I do practice self-precaution and never to set foot in any of these abandoned spots by myself. I've only skirted around them instead just like this particular place. The reason I decided to even publish this entry was only because I saw and heard the man that roamed the wild bushes today.

He was screaming from the broken guard post at us or something we couldn't see. My mom got spooked, naturally. But since our bodyguard of a brother was there, we just continued our casual game of badminton on the field outside. Since it was daylight it wasn't as scary, but to see a man with his mind hinged on nothing was an experience. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. He lurked by a tree and slowly edged across the field that was atop a slope a distance away from us and sprinted down it and into more wild greenery like a cat. There was a busy road down there.

I had no idea if he went to walk by the pavement (where there were people's presence) or found comfort in the wild. The man wore a head covering and a piece of cloth that hid half of his face. I wonder about his story. What brought him there. Why did he scream? Was it to chase us away the way a feral creature would do or were there things only he could see that made him angry?

Anyway, on to the pictures, taken the first time we found this spot. I like that it had a black kitty that slept lazily on the wall watching me. But I will not go there anymore, anytime soon.

I'm trying to pose but I don't know what this is. The tree, though, is spectacular. You can see the field where we played behind me.

This is the abandoned entrance to the museum.

Oh and my hair is newly layered. It is not this color anymore. Hair story will be in a future post.

Weird lady mode on. I have no idea why I did this.

You can see the black kitty if you peer closely. I didn't know that at the time when this picture was taken.

The white lonesome museum can be seen from this wild and abandoned end.

The sleepy cat continued dozing while I lurked to steal a shot.

This is the abandoned guard post.

Spooky or not? Do you like visiting abandoned places? Tell me your thoughts below!

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