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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Casual Garb Edge

Here I am scribbling because I can’t do anything else. By scribbling, I mean typing but since I’m using a font that looks like a handwritten one, I feel like there is an imaginary pen in my hand. What to say, what to make of the day.

So many thoughts speed through my mind but even I don’t have a good recall of them sometimes because it can be quite busy there. Practicing ‘allowing’ has made me aware of the surface and deep noises of the mental kind and it is only within this year that I am beginning to recognize them as they are, guided by a new understanding of how the mind operates.

I remember the years of being so identified with whatever that pops up in my mind, I felt imprisoned by them and at their mercy. It’s not that I’ve completely free myself from the stickiness of my own thoughts nor is it the aim, it is more of allowing them go through my mind whilst having the space to notice that I need not be identified and thus get pulled here and there maniacally.

It’s a new way of thinking one that I find resonating with me personally, thanks to this empowering blog I've been reading. I also learn more through interactions with people. To be able to think clearly with self-awareness and wisdom that is based on something more reliable than a flaky mind is what I aim for now. The process is still ongoing as I uncover layers of myself and practice releasing the hold of the past. I am thrilled to be able to befriend my mind in a way as I begin the process of going back to a state of balanced that will help me make decisions that come from a place of confidence, love, trust and abundance.

On to the casual outfit:

The weird waist tie knot was a show-stopper.

In case you completely missed the pun I did in the title of the blog, there's a garbage container blocking the path to the abandoned hockey stadium.

I was clearly being stalked by the garbage container. I was not dumspter diving.

This greenery layers on top of a shallow river that's been left to stagnant. While the wild flora is pretty, the scent permeating the air was not.

More of the green.

And a precious white 5-petaled flower with a yellow center from mom's garden.


What about you? Do you practice mind exercises? As much as it’s important to exercise our bodies, exercising the mind is equally vital, if not more.

Sitting with your own mind when they are no distractions available – Do you watch how you speak to yourself? Are the words used kind and gentle or harsh and judgmental? The point of this is to notice if you’re able to be by yourself as your mind does what it does best: weave intricate and endless webs of thoughts that fire up all kinds of emotions, relentlessly - And as you sit by yourself: realize that the typhoon will ebb away so long as you don't resist. I have to say that it is only this very year that I can admit with honesty that I have been practicing kindness to myself even as I’m able to be extend it to others. And another element to this self-improvement journey that I'm on is to be assertive when it is right to be.

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