Grey On Grey On Grey

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Grey On Grey On Grey

The time I wore grey from top to toe and blended awesomely with the background.

I started my first OOTD blog posting clad in a grey outfit and I'm still on a grey style cloud as the non-color is so right up my alley. My thought process for when it comes to choosing a setting for the outfit shoot: open space, less foot traffic and big on greenery. This time we've got this gorgeous minimalist white mosque next to the breezy field with black crows flying in groups, lounging at a distance. My mom who was the photographer on duty did quite a spectacular job at snapping that I was more than pleased looking at the photos. Thank you, Mama!

The specks of wild green dotted the gravel/sandy earth that gave in as we walked across this empty patch of land. There was a jungle at the edge, with broken branches, a wave of sunlight streaming down the deep green as I stared up. While we had scouted this place prior with my sister, my mom wasn't too keen on cozying up to the wilderness fearing the slithery things that might be lurking.

The day of the shoot was breezy, with a few vehicles passing by. Because it was a weekday, it was for the most part tranquil with the sounds of nature rustling, tickling my eardrums and the gusts of wind made me feel like I could fall asleep standing. I did want to have crows in my photos but they were a bit far. When we first came here to eyeball the place, there was a fairly huge tortoise moving across the field. My sister who spotted it alerted me and I got pretty excited that I started lurking but my sis moved too fast that the tortoise pulled its head back into the shell so we got shots of a tortoise peering at us from inside the shell instead. Pictures will be in the next post though because this post has too many already.

I was using my superpower to move the pipes from blocking the path.
Fell in love with these wild blooms.
Possibly the only white minimalist mosque in town.
See, no more pipes. I'm a superwoman.

What I wore:

A grey blouse batwing style with a sash belt that can be either tied at the waist into a bow or worn as a skinny scarf around your neck or an arm candy around your wrist so you can wave it around like you just don't care. The grey pleated culottes nabbed on sales and it was the last pair. Grey shoes you've seen before. The silhouette style I aimed for was slouchy on slouchy.

To end this blog post, here's a paragraph I pulled from Calm Down Mind's blog entry to remind us that we always have a choice:

"If there is one commitment I would recommend you make to yourself, it’s this – “I won’t defend negativity no matter what”. If you stand true to this commitment you will always be moving in the direction of alignment. Negativity is not just present in fear and hatred, it’s also present in sorrow and misery. You defend negativity every time you align with lower vibration thoughts or lower vibration state of being. Take a stock of your state of being through out your waking hours, and figure out the percentage of time that you are aligned with joy/love/peace (or at-least moving in the direction it) and the percentage of time you are aligned with fear/hatred/sorrow/lack (through total identification) – this will give you the reason for the presence or absence of well-being in your life."

Well, what do you think of my grey on grey on grey outfit? Too grey? Drop your thoughts like they're hot down below!

//Photography of me: Mamagrapher
//Photography of the rest: Me

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