To Make Me Better

Monday, September 19, 2016

To Make Me Better

How I became less camera-shy, more appreciative of my small town and an OOTD in leopard print.

There was a time when I would not care to be the subject of a camera. I think there was a feeling like I'd be in a spot and somehow imagined myself feeling uncomfortable but little by little, I shed the discomfort. Just being able to be myself while the camerawoman shoots as she gets me laughing and enjoying the process has me opening up more with the way I express myself.

And that's a nice feeling. Also, it's an excuse to get my body and mind in some movement outside the hours of being behind the screen and out into the world where hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in the small town where I reside.

I would say I'm appreciative of the little nooks and crannies of my hometown now more than ever after going on these shooting sessions. I feel life coursing through me as I embrace the little explorations and finally understood why some people can get quite into their photo-journaling habit. It is deliciously therapeutic and offers an avenue for an introvert like myself to practice a little extroversion, every now and then.

My advice to a camera-shy person who still wants to post outfit photos?

Get excited about the backdrop for such shootings. You can explore places in your town. I like places that aren't too busy, open spaces, fields with greenery. A garden. A playground. An abandoned patch of land.

Also, check out photos of OOTDs online because there are tons and you can inject your own style into your imagery without being constricted by an idea of how it should translate. Just let it happen!

Anyway, about the outfit:

I wore this old leopard print sleeveless top with a harem-like loose pants in black and ankle strap flats. These flats were annoyingly flat in a way that they were disintegrating I had them fixed at the local cobbler. I have another pair of old shoes to send to another cobbler who can do a more detailed job. In a way, I'm emulating my practical mom who is all about fixing things that can still be fixed and at the same time, practice my skills at bargaining which was practically nonexistent until about this year.

Now back to you: What have you all been up to? Do you like how I styled my leopard print top? Share your thoughts down below!

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