Let Life Show You

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let Life Show You

See me in my favorite blue jeans, find what I have in store for the blog and why I indulge in feisty poetry.

Peeps, I'm mighty excited to share with you a new round of images (in the next post!) that have been shot by my new point-and-shoot compact camera! It's an investment I've made to keep me on my toes. Every time I see the device lying around unused, I get the feeling like a tug in my gut to remind me of the goals I've planned out for the blog, this year.

The new year will be in less than 4 months and I'm determined to keep up with the pace of my targeted posting schedule this year. With my copywriting work mixed in with my own creative outlet which is this blog, I'm striving to hit a balance, the sweet spot that keeps me inspired. I'm also on a self-initiated course to release layers of myself that are not conducive to my desired reality. I'm a work in progress, and it's one consistent thing that I appreciate about my own mindset. And of course, having people who make me want to be better, in real life and online offers a boost. Thank you life!

Enough about me, now, let's look at the outfit I wore (heh) that one time the sunset was brilliant and the sky was dotted with curly but fluffy clouds.

I thrifted this tee which my sister is totally jealous of as it's in pale earthy green and the fabric is awesome for the humidity we get here. The jeans were on sales and I like the soft blue and how they fit me. Most of the old jeans I have in my collection are too big for my current size. Those grey shoes are actually a bit large for my feet but I stick rolls of tissue and voila, they're awesome. Oh, and the bronze owl ring is a gift from my brother.

Forgive me for never bothering to wear something other than my coconut shell bangles. These are really ancient. They are more than a decade's old and I can't slip them off my hand so they're part of me for life.

Owl bling, yo.

Giving you the view of my unruly mane.

Mamagrapher's idea for me to chill by the roadside like hey, I live here!

Eyeballing a stray cat.

Delightful light play and cloud formations, oh em gee.

Going down the staircase, hugged by greenery.

This was the day I found this abandoned outhouse that was part of the abandoned bungalow behind it. I was so excited but my poor mom slash photographer saw it as too eerie for words so she stayed in the car shivering (I kid) while I gave this place loads of eyeballing! I can't explain why I'm into abandoned places but yeah, I'm that person.

Fun fact: Writing feisty poetry is something I do and when it's laced with buckets of truths (as it's futile to deceive one's own mind), it can truly help me see through a situation with a bit of flair. Do you care for poetry? Write me a short one down below, just for fun.

And...of course, what do you think of my casual outfit?

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