The Space Unweathered

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Space Unweathered
With A Semalu Tree (Mimosa pudica)

Wrote a tiny poetry as soon as my posterior met the chair. I'd like to say that the poem came to be as opposed to it being force out of me. Most of my short proses and poetic dribbles come to creation this way. It flows out of me after periods of quiet reflection.

But often too, the result is rough at the edges in need of a touch-up. I round it up by being with it, allowing its essence to come through.

This one in particular refers to a state of being that is reached, once we let go of the mind's mental pull, that's akin to a wild tornado. We can't see clearly while in the eye of a storm. Decisions, conclusions and assumptions made during a spike of unstability rest upon an incomplete picture.


Girl, don't make hasty decisions,
Out of temporary stances.
Wait a while,
let it settle.
Wait a little,
let it arrive.
The space unweathered
by stormy weather,
beyond the noises,
the mind conjures,
Like a child,
it whines,
it wants as it takes.

Girl, take a deep breath.
A mind's incomplete picture
isn't to be fought against,
It sees only what it can,
imagines catastrophically
at times.
But just wait for a bit,
for the grounding space that unites
mind and being
will peek through,


What do you feel when you read this short poem? What thoughts come to mind? Share below - I'd love to know!

Image Credit: Normality AL
This poetry is heavily inspired by the wisdom behind A Natural Patience

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