Sense Of Things

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sense Of Things

The time we went for a casual outfit shoot on a patch of land where I learned that Mimosa pudica (shy plant) actually grows into a tree and that siting on a dead tree branch entails a certain risk.

We went yet again to that stretch of open space for a shoot. This time, with sis in tow as the great eyeballs behind the lens. I have to thank her for always putting me in a relaxed mood. Sometimes, I don't know how to even stand like a normal human being, but she makes me laugh. Like so unattractively. I enjoyed the process. It became a way to bond and also be caressed by the intoxicating evening breeze. I also learned not to simply park my posterior on a dead tree branch because ants had no choice but to migrate on my jeans. And I had to do the awkward dance that involves me flapping and slapping my darn pants by the side of the road. No one can blame me for getting antsy.

About the outfit:

The swing top has a pretty geometric print in a mix of colors. I anchored it down with the light blue jeans. Same old black oxfords completed the casual look. What I like about the top is its flowy construction. It is sleeveless and has a low-back, perfect for hot sunny days when a heatstroke is a serious possibility.

What do you think of this casual outfit and my pun (did you even catch it)? Share below!

Photographer : Normality AL

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