The Zen In Cats

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Zen In Cats

Cats, how I'm blessed to enjoy them. I grew up with them around me in one stage of my life or the other that they've become a sort of constant furry presence. Even when I was not exactly taking care of them as pets, they're never too far; perched on a car somewhere or atop a wall licking a paw, purring while squinting lovingly or manipulatively at a stranger or simply grooming themselves to a lazy stupor.

Cats have a calming effect on me, this, I shall admit. I'm the kind to beam for no reason other than having spotted a stray cat passing by swinging its tail, doing its thing. A conversation about cats is never, ever boring. Don't test me, it will go on and on. I will call them via soft whispers and sometimes in a human language as though they'd grasp my meaning. They do though, through some kind of cat witchery, not specifically, but they do.

Usually, there will be food or snacks involved. And if I'm slow to respond because those aren't instantly available and the kitty finds me feline-worthy enough which I am, it would plop itself cozily near my feet. And this is one of the best compliments a cat could give you - it says this human is OKAY to be lounging nearby at and it warms my heart like no other.

By the way, I have two cats that have chosen to be my furry companions, even though I might have completely misunderstood them in ways I will never ever know. They're from the same litter and are part of our human family. I love them to bits. They used to be tiny and now they're fat! Look at how fluffy and adorable they are:

Cats have this natural meditative pose about them when they're at ease and trusting of the human they're with. I hope the pictures convey that. Do you have cats? What about these furballs that make your heart melt? Share below!

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