Lady In Black

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lady In Black

While my hormonal acne raged on, I had to woman up and go wear a midi black dress that I’m currently loving as it’s my very first one in the longest of time and that I did.

This dress has the high neck that I adore so much and the flare that makes you want to twirl around and be extra ladylike when in truth it’s just the dress that’s influencing my behavior. Instead of a pair of heels or pumps or stilettos or a pretty feminine sandals, I chose to wear the comfiest unisex boat shoes I stole from moms. I wanted to wear sneakers but decided that a brown pair of shoes would settle nicely in the background, so the focus stays on the black midi dress.

Oh and did I tell you the dress has functional pockets and subtle gathers all around? Now, I did. The size M that I chose is dangerously fitting on my upper torso and the fact that I can fit into this dress has a lot to do with my size B chest and my recently slender figure. I got this beauty from Zaful along with another relaxed one, so ladies, just as a major reminder, check the sizing a billion times! Don’t rush! Eyeball everything closely. Another thing about this dress that made me feel like a princess is the fabric. It is heavy and holds its shape quite nicely.

When we went to this garden at our local town museum here, the weather was cloudy, with a peek of sun that came only later on. I love the greenery and so, had to mindlessly ran around like a kid. I got excited seeing ancient trees as per usual and wanted moms to include them in the background but she said they were too spooky. I said not to be racist or treeist. Moms got scared of me after that.

The little nooks and crannies where the garden merged join the main one where people exercised had quiet little corners with a wild green vibe and I plan to go there with my sister in the future because some of the spots need to be captured. And because my facial skin was raging with wild angry acne, any photos up-close with my face that I do have, I am unable to share as my acne style game was too strong.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures, regardless!

If you like the look of this midi dress, then you can shop for it here. Want to eyeball other hot dress styles? Check them all out here.

So, what do you think of this midi black dress? Do you like the classic retro length and silhouette?  Share below – I’d love to know!

Let me end this post with an Adyashanti quote to ponder:

"If you tell yourself a sad story, the body reacts to that. And if you tell yourself a self-aggrandizing story, the body feels puffed up, confident. But when you realize it’s all stories, there can be a vast waking up out of the mind, out of the dream. You don’t awaken, what has eternally been awake realizes itself. That which is eternally awake is what you are."

♥ Disclosure: I was gifted this dress.

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