Pink Popping

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pink Popping

The time I wore some pink colors which is a miracle and absorbed nature's beauty.

Hello lovely people! I’m back with a post. This is one of the longer OOTD posts I’ve ever created because I have quite a lot of images to share.

We had this shoot days before Diwali. I wanted to wear something with an ethnic touch. So I got this tunic top with side slits also called the kurti from one of the Diwali bazaar vendors here in my town. The fabric was uber soft that I couldn’t ignore and my mom also thought it was a steal, so I got it. It has white floral prints over a deep navy backdrop and pink accents. I especially adore the collar, it’s like the mandarin style collar I’m into and it almost looked oriental.

I don’t normally wear from top-to-toe feminine outfits, so I sprinkle a bit of edge by wearing the tunic with a pair of studded oxfords. For instance, if I wear a dress, I'd wear some manly shoes. If I must wear cute girly ones, I make sure to slouch while I sit and talk loudly. Talking about studs, I love, love studded shoes.

Oh and the pants I wore with the tunic are just plain black leggings because I wanted the focus to be on the pretty top. The party purse I paired was a gloriously embroidered, beaded, sequined and mirrored work-of-art my brother got for mom and it’s only natural that I nab it because it is in pink and it worked to go with the pink accents on the top and my nails.

I shall pipe down now, so you can eyeball the imagery in peace.

Not sure what to do, so I bowed to the ground.

Then, I saw this familiar tree I befriended in one of the older posts, before realizing that red ants were crawling up my shoes again!

This tree says hi to you.

This tree is quite a sight. I love when their branches/roots do this awesome thing they do.

The lotuses practically took over the murky body of water. And I don’t know why I looked like I was talking to this other tree, which I did not.

I’m naturally a person who will trip and fall for no absolute reason even when walking on a flat surface. Here, I decided to climb and sit on the edge of this little bridge and practiced some tummy yoga. I could have fallen and join the lotuses but my body didn't let me.

I swear I didn’t ask this innocently lush bougainvillea plant to hold my purse for fun.

So peeps, what do you think about this Diwali fusion wear outfit of mine? Share your thoughts down below – I love reading them and will respond and quite possibly stalk you.

Photography: FuzzyMouldy

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