Trick Of Thoughts

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick Of Thoughts

Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween! How many of us have allowed our thoughts to run wild they seem to have a mind and a whole bloody universe of their own? Ghosts in our heads are as potent as the ghosts we imagine haunting us on the outside.

This Halloween, I'd love for all of us to remind ourselves that the mind is a machine and it will do what it does best. Think thoughts, even when they're the most negative. And also, the most positive and anything in between. What I'd like for you to do is to be aware of something else.

In the midst of the busy buzzing noise the mind makes, complaining and whining, complimenting and adoring - there is a space where we become aware of the movement or the mind pull or momentum that goes this way and that way. Instead of identifying with every little thought, stay relax and open, letting all of it to pass through.

This understanding came to me fairly recently after studying the articles from Calm Down Mind and it is something that helps me tremendously. I have anxiety over anxiety so it really does help to know that internally, I can experience (allow) the anxiety and still go through it and be confident that it will pass, instead of resisting, fighting or distracting.

Anyway, on to some lighter things, which is my outfit.

It's a fusion kind of OOTD. I wore a kurti tunic top in a color I thought was so very Bob Marley-esque that I wanted to title this post Bob Marley Diwali. It has green, yellow and red - which are associated with Rasta colors. The first thing that came to mind when I decided to buy this, in fact and I don't know why. I paired the top with a pair of blue jeans to give it a modern touch. And loafers, I stole from moms, because they're so comfy. A metallic silver sling bag completed the look with a dash of shine complementing my oily face.

What have you all been up to? Did you catch the premier of The Walking Dead (I cringed the whole episode, it was brutal!) What do you think of this casual outfit? Share away!

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