Daisy Dreaming

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Daisy Dreaming

The time I wore some casual daisy crop top with jeans and the waist-tie denim shirt and wrote of my cat, Aiden being missing, spontaneous friendships and more.

Hello there. It’s me again. This time, hopefully with something else to report besides what I’m wearing. Which you can pretty much eyeball.

Currently, I’ve just munched on star fruit slices feeling rejuvenated after a session of dancing. If you want to feel instantly boosted physically, emotionally and spiritually, I highly suggest moving your body to the sounds that trigger some rhythm from within. You don’t have to be specific with your moves when you’re dancing solo. Let the body speak for you. Some songs will inevitably get you moving in a way that other songs won’t. And don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror. It’s a way of reconnecting with your self and if you’re up for it, direct loving-kindness to yourself. Dancing and meditation all wrapped up in one.

My cat Aiden has been missing for two days now and I’m worried if the fat one is hurt somewhere. I hope that he’ll come back soon so I can spoil him silly as I miss him dearly. And I’m feeling like his brother, my other the grey cat is also missing his presence too. I had a coffee break with Tidus, my grey kitty just now and my mom seriously thought I was going to go out to see a friend. Now, that’s something. As I don’t have friends in human forms.

Until a few weeks back. Funny thing about friendships, it can just happen. And when it does, you’re with someone you can just be with without any specific reason other than to enjoy their presence. For as long as I can remember, I am a solo wanderer, even as a child. And friends that stayed with me for a longer while were the ones who just happened to be utterly comfortable around me that they didn’t need hide their farts, warts and all. It could also be that I’m quite inquisitive. Digging into another human mind is a hobby of mine.

So hey, if you wanna have a session with a wannabe counsellor, hit me up. You’ll do the talking, while I munch on imaginary popcorn and do appropriate facial and eyeball movements so you don't think I'm strange.

I like this type of friendship best. It is how Life shows her magic hand in weaving something out of nothing. I was just there. Responding to Her. Lately, with reflection, I witness in myself something grounding. It’s always been there. A kind of faith. Nothing religious at all. An unwavering love within that I find to be quite instrumental in making me perform efficiently. In all aspects of my life. I am able to let go into a space that is beyond what my mind can conjure.

After all, what my mind knows is only a regurgitation of the past, learned habits. I am thankful to be reunited with this ability to drop the mental noise at the door, as I let Life open little doors. It doesn’t mean I go senselessly passive. It just that I’m accepting that at any given moment, I don’t have the big picture. And that, a space for creative actions to spring can come serendipitously by easing the mind’s mental grip.

Now that my rambling rant is over, let’s break this casual outfit down: I wore a daisy print crop top that used to be my sister’s but she stopped liking it. A pair of light blue jeans I swear I wear about a gazillion times. And this chambray shirt around the waist to cloak my magic belly button when it feels a little chilly, or when the glorious tummy became delightfully bloated after a hearty meal. Or when I sat down to slouch like a bawse.

Precious conversation with mom while she was photographing me:

Mom: Why’s that thing on your waist. Looks UGLY.

Me: I like the thing on my waist. It’s a trend.

Mom: I’m not seeing it.

Me: Fine. I’ll remove it and show you my belly.


So, peeps, what have you all been up to? I hope you’re all are happy, drinking tea (insert a more accurate beverage) somewhere with preferably good weather. If it’s stormy, I hope you’re warm and nursing a cup of creamy chocolate drink. What do you think of this outfit? Be honest, I love reading raw thoughts, so don’t be shy, drop them all below.

Someone emailed me last week. If you’re here reading…thank you for that "surprise". I wish you well!

As always, here’s a quote to wrap up this entry and touch your heart.

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it.” -- Jalaluddin Rumi

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