Froggy Muse

Monday, April 17, 2017

Froggy Muse

One fine evening, the rain poured maniacally. As I stood outside the house embracing the breeze, I spotted a lone frog drenched in the open porch.

While eyeballing the jumpy creature, I projected thoughts onto it as though I was reading its mind or pretended to be the frog. It's part of my creative process for spontaneous writing I would say but you can call it creating a story out of nothing or embracing being mentally-unhinged for short pauses in a day.

I hope this entertains you as it did for me.

Thoughts that ran across the mind of a frog, according to this human being:

1. Umm, where do I go now?

2. Shoot, I can't jump this high.

3. Wait, someone's watching. I better stand still.

4. Oh I'm just blending in with the tile, letting the rain tickle me.

5. Okay, let me aim for that big jump.

6. Awesome! I'm finally up on this wall.

7. Let me make a U-turn. And then, go straight with three little jumps in one set.

8. Wow, this wall is slippery. I can just slide. Wee!

9. Wait, is someone watching me?

10. I hope it's anything but a snake.


So, tell me, can you imagine a frog while reading these words? Do you project thoughts for fun? I don't know why but I enjoyed it. I hope you're well and if you have anything to say, please do that down below!

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