Sweet Lethal Rebel

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sweet Lethal Rebel

I wore a lash and eye print tee with a maxi green skirt that’s not mine and mom’s heeled sandals only to enjoy wearing the tee but not the rest.

Sitting one fine evening thinking about what outfit to wear for a casual shoot, I chose a long maxi skirt in green which mom bought but found it too unpractical to wear and a tee rendered in lash and eye prints I got for cheap. I wore a heeled type of sandal which isn’t mine, phew. I don’t like heels but I thought of sprucing this casual look with the brown sandals which belong to mom. I was quite awkward in them and these weren’t even that tall. Anyone who knows me would know that heels and I aren’t made for each other.

Being a fan of comfort, I naturally leaned into this comfy tee. I love eyeballs in general, so the lash and eye prints spoke to me immediately after my eyeballs saw them. While I love the dark green color of this skirt, I can’t say I care for the maxi length and its flared shape. Like mom, I will be obsessively guarding the skirt from spilling over the ground or wherever if I decided to wear but alas, I did not, as the skirt’s fabric was too heat-trapping for a humid Malaysian evening, and the maxi hem inspired bouts of strong OCD in me. For this casual shoot, I actually folded the waist part to make it slightly midi-ish in length.

When I was in school, we had this uniform that is a baju kurung – which is a Malay traditional attire worn here in Malaysia. I made sure to fold the waist of the long blue skirt so that the hem was raised a little bit high (like over the ankle) as I disliked it hitting the very appealing bathroom floor we were blessed with if I'd bent suddenly.

Some random school mates had once casually asked why my skirt was shorter than usual. Being tall for Malaysian’ standards and allergic to giving elaborate explanations while speaking (it’s different, when I write, I never stop, haha!) I simply said that I was tall and that’s why the skirt looked short. #LOL

There was once a girl in the same school who wanted me to join her rebel act of dressing by casually suggesting that I followed her method of pinning the neckline lower than I usually wore mine. Her suggestion fell on deaf ears. Though she was lovely in her way, I was already a quiet rebel and didn’t care for exposing just a tiny bit of chest in school. Well, to be honest, being a wallflower then was high priority.

Photo time! I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the three pictures!

Having this plant decorating my face made me smile so I did.

Talking to an imaginary friend is a serious business. Do not disturb.

Oh gosh, that imaginary friend was so dang funny, that's why I looked like this.


So, how are you doing? Is everything alright in there? Do you like my outfit? What about the story I just shared? Share your thoughts down below, you already know I'm a comment monster. :D

As per usual, here's a quote to touch your heart:

“There is one advantage to realizing that you're never going to get it right: you do begin to stop expecting everyone else to get it right too, which makes for less frustration when other people turn out to be just as human as you are.” ― Jeff Wilson, Buddhism of the Heart: Reflections on Shin Buddhism and Inner Togetherness

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