Green On Green

Monday, June 12, 2017

Green On Green

The time I penned a short prose pretending to be a small grasshopper that was sitting on a green curry leaf.

Hi world, what's up? What's down under? There was a small grasshopper sitting on a curry leaf one fine evening when my brother and I were spending some time outside. He helped to snap the photos of the tiny green as I readily formed imaginative stories in my head taking the perspective of the grasshopper.

So here its goes, a grasshopper prose.

Oh, what giants are these? Leave me free to roam this curry leaf tree. I care not for nuisance. The evening breeze tickles my cold skin. Oh, what giants are these? I want nothing but to rest myself on this fresh green leaf. I'm green, blink twice and I shall disappear. The green that makes me blends with the one all around me. Alas, these brown giants hover. Still looking at me, oh will they ever bugger off and away? This leafy heaven is my home!

Oh no, the bigger giant is coming far too close. I find myself shockingly sleepy. The evening whispers dreams if I could just snooze with a bit of green in my tummy. I sit here marveling at the giants. Noisy, they can be. I stand proud guarding my aromatic curry leaf. This one will be a treat, if only they would swiftly jump away like we all do. I watch the giants move slowly, oh, how hard it must be to carry their heavy weight each day. I cannot wait to jump but first, let me chew on some green peacefully.

I hope you enjoy reading this as I had fun creating it. As always a quote to end this post with a thoughtful note, this time by Bruce Lee:

“To see a thing uncolored by one’s own personal preferences and desires is to see it in its own pristine simplicity.”

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